10 July 2009


By: Jeffrey Brown
Language: Swedish
230 pages, b&w
Galago 2009
ISBN: 978-91-7037-444-9

Well, what can I say, other than that I have been a fan of Jeffrey Brown for quite a while now. When I first stumbled upon this his first book it totally blew me away. It wasn't that he was more honest about his life than any other autobiographical comic artist (that race has already been won by Joe Matt in the 1990s, I think) and it sure as hell wasn't that he was the best draftsman I had ever seen (though I'll admit his crude art does have something), and it wasn't that I particularly liked the main character (he's pretty whiny and annoying, to tell the truth). No, none of the above, and still I was mesmerized. For me, the way Brown tells stories just seems totally upfront and honest in the sense that it felt like a friend telling me a story over a few beers. No thought-out attention curve, no storytelling tricks, no plotline to follow in absurdum, just a seemingly rambling story that felt genuine. Just a guy telling me the story of his failed relationship, warts and all. Beautiful, heartwarming and touching.

Well, for those of you who have managed to miss out on reading Jeffrey Brown I wholeheartedly recommend it. OK, if Spider-Man is still your favourite comic book, this might not be for you,but for the rest of you out there: give it a try. Oh, and it is now available in Swedish, which s a godsend. And it's dirt cheap. So go buy one, and buy a copy for someone you like when you're at it!

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  1. Jeff är urtråkig både irl och som seriefigur. Jag föredrar Joe Matt eller Julie Doucet alla gånger.