6 September 2009

Birthday: Sergio Aragonés

Today just happens to be the birthday of one of my childhood heroes, Sergio Aragonés. I was never all that enamoured with his work for MAD Magazine, but when I found Groo the Wanderer I was hooked. I still own all the issues, Swedish and American, as well as the trade paperbacks. Considering that I see my comics as a library to be used in my work and not as a collection and almost always unceremoniously get rid of all extra copies of something to make room for more things, this says a lot about my relationship with Groo, and Aragonés.

Anyway, this was a roundabout way of saying that i really like what Aragonés does, and getting to the point where I can casually tell you all that right now there is a big exhibition with his drawings at the Ojai Museum in California.