16 May 2009

Seriebattle Malmö/Stockholm

There is a healthy competition going on between Malmö, which has named itself The Comic Art Town of Sweden, and Stockholm, our nation's capital. Right now, for instance, there is a battle going on between a comics studio in Stockholm, and a comics studio in Malmö. It started with the studio in Stockholm doing a mock reportage about the fabulous life of a comic artist, with among others, the above image. The whole sequence can be found here (use Goole Translate if you need to).

Now, the Malmö artists could not be less inovative and did a mock-reportage of their own, about the not-so glamorous life of an artist in Malmö. This can be found here. I am sure that we have not heard or seen the last word in this debate, and considering that the people involved tell stories with pictures for a living, it is bound to be interesting, and funny.