17 May 2009

A Dangerous Woman

A Dangerous Woman. The Graphic Biography of Emma Goldman
By: Sharon Rudahl
116 pages, black and white, softcover
The New Press, 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59558-064-1

OK, so this isn't exactly new, but I just finished reading it and wanted to mention it here at Sekventiellt. I have been putting of doing reviews the last couple of months, due to an extremely tight writing schedule, but I felt this deserved at least a short review. Emma Goldman is of course the world-famous activist, feminist, anarchist and there has been numerous books written about her and her life. What makes this different is that is was not only done as a comic, but that it was done by another Jewish activist and feminist: Sharon Rudahl. Rudahl is well read on Goldman, that is evident, but it is the fervor with which she so obviously agrees with and perhaps even identifies with Goldman that shines through and makes this a powerful read. Rudahl has been around since the Underground era, being one of the original editors for the groundbreaking Wimmen's Comix. This shows in the art which at first feels a bit too cramped and overworked, but soon marries beautifully with the content as you get engrossed in the story. In the end, this is a book you do not want to put down before it is finished, and this is as much due to the story telling abilities of Rudahl as to the interesting life Goldman lived .