2 June 2009

Final Exam at the Comic Art School

Today was the final exam of the Second Year students at the Comic Art School of Malmö. At the City Library, starting at 10.00, the Second Year students each gave a short presentation about what they had achieved during the last year. This was followed by questions, first from their academic "opponents" (consisting of students from the First Year), then from their Examiner Germund von Wowern (editor at the publisher Egmont Kärnan) and finally from the audience.

Those being given their exam today were: Nanna Johansson, Sara Hansson, Emelie Friberg, Mattias Thorelli, Thomas Enqvist, Diana Davidsson, Robin Ragnarsson and Stina Johansson - and the projects they presented varied from the autobiographical to science fiction to political statements, from published books to webcomics. All in all, you can count on hearing many of these names in the future of Swedish comics.