6 June 2009

New York III: Panel on Comics Publishing

The show is on, I have been walking around talking to a lot of my international friends, and making new ones. Right now I'm attending a talk on the comics business, with the Swedish representative of editor Mats Jonsson (Galago).

New York II

My second day was spent all over New York, starting out from our hotel, which is run by Hare Krishna-people and has as our closest neighbours the New York Hells Angels...

The biggest experience of the day was without a doubt going to see the major Francis Bacon exhibition at the Metropolitan.

After the exhibition we hung out at our local pub, having a few beers and playing pool.

The first comics event of the day was a release party at the comic store Rocket Ship in the Bronx.

After that we had planned to go to the exhibition with Swedish artists, but having too much fun we arrived just as they were closing, We managed to hook up with some of the other Swedes at the exhibition party, though. Tomorrow it's Mocca!