9 June 2009

New York V

Being at a comics festival is all about the people you meet. I thought I would show you a few of the ones I have been talking to the last couple of days. There has been a surprisingly big Scandinavian crowd this year. Above can be seen the Norwegian artist Lise Myhre (Nemi).

Norwegian publisher Erik Falk (Jippi Publishing).

Norwegian one-man syndicate Håkon Strand (Strand Comics).

American artist Alec Longstreth with his much talked about fanzine Phase 7.

Swedish artist Niklas Asker signing his new book Second Thoughts.

The ever-elusive american artist David Mazzucchelli and his much anticipated book Asterios Polyp.

The School of Visual Arts.

The sign for the Danish crew.
Otherwise I have of course been hanging out with the Swedish group, eating good, drinking a lot and quite honestly having a bit of a vacation, which I really needed after a hell of a spring work-wise. Above can be seen the view from the roof of our hotel, where we have spent a lot of time, before and after going out in the evenings.
Swedish artists Knut Larsson, Jacob Kindstedt and Niklas Asker, on the roof of our hotel.

A lot of socializing and networking has also taken place in the evenings, of course. Here can be seen the Swedish artist Åsa Ekström, Swedish publisher Johannes Klenell and American publisher Chris Staros.
So, now I'm wrapping up and getting ready to go home. I'm still going to visit the Mocca museum, and go to a few good comic shops, though. I'll do a more serious review of the festival when I get home tomorrow.