16 June 2009

Tanks vol 2

Tanks vol 2
By: Jesper Nordqvist
194 pages, b&w, soft cover
Language: Swedish
Publisher: Opal, 2009
ISBN: 978-91-7299-285-6

This is the second, and last volume of the young Swedish artist Jesper Nordqvist's worldmanga Tanks, a postapocalyptic story with many referenses to Japanese manga and anime. There has been a great deal of improvement over the first volume, which I reviewed (not so favorably) a couple of years ago. Nordqvist has put a lot of effort into completing this series and has as a result of this gotten better at giving the reader a sense of stability when it comes to the design of his characters. The overall feel of this book is that he has evolved as a draftsman. Not enough to sustain my interest, though. Tanks feels like the first idea many young (male) artists gets, and should abandon and go on to greener pastures when they evolve and grow as artists. Hopefully that is what Nordqvist will do as this was the final volume of Tanks.