30 June 2009

Vote for the Harvey Awards

Right now you can register your vote for the Harvey Awards. This is not as interesting as the Eisner Awards, I think, since these awards are more oriented towards mainstream comics, but I will still partake, and I will cast my vote for Kyle Baker's Nat Turner, which I find just as beautiful and captivating as most of Baker's other comics.

Trudeau on Iran

Most of you readers of Sekventiellt are probably aware that I follow Doonesbury, and quite often find it a fascinating read. Today's stripp contained a beautiful summation of the situation in Iran. Read the full strip here.

The Comic Art School: Summer madness

The summer courses at the Comic Art School of Malmö is now up and running. As always, the experienced teacher running the show is the proficient cartoonist Natalia Batista. These courses are open for everyone (the application for this year has ended, though) and has been the stepping stone for many new cartoonists, including the group Yokaj Studio.