1 July 2009

Gängkrig 145 - the best selling book in Sweden

I have reported before on the success of the graphic novel Gängkrig 145 by Jens Lapidus and Peter Bergting. Now the book is the bestselling book in Sweden during the month of June.

How to make it as a Comic Artist

Making it as a cartoonist is quite hard, and most artists have to do a lot of other things in order to survive economically. Here's a really good list of "23 Ways for a Comic Artist to Survive and Thrive in any Economy". These are written from an American prespective, but I reconize most of them as recomendations I regularly give to students at the Comics Art School, so they are pretty universal.

The same blogger has also collected submission guidelines from most of the American comics publishers. A really interesting read, and easy to get access to all of this information in one go. If you are inerested in being published in the English speaking part of the world, go and read through this.