3 July 2009

Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods!

OK, I confess! I do have other interests in my life than comics; like beer for instance... You who know me well, are probably aware that this is a part of my life that I cherish. So much so, that I sometimes go on beer-trips in order to "soak" myself in the beer culture of a specific country or a region. This weekend I will travel in and around our brother capital Copenhagen, visiting as many Danish micro-breweries as I can handle. And for the occasion, I have started a brand new blog, the Beer Gourmet. So if you want to follow what I am doing the next couple of days, join me at the Beer Gourmet.

Oh, and the comics above (I just couldn't help myself...) is of course Valhalla by the Danish comics artist Peter Madsen, specifically from the album Skalde-mjöden (The Magic Mead), retelling the story of how the Norse Gods got hold of beer.