28 July 2009

Arne Anka - tidningen

Arne Anka
By: Anthology
Language: Swedish
50 pages, color, comic book
Schibsted, 2009
ISSN: 2000-2793

Arne Anka was a gigantic hit in all the Nordic countrys in the 1980s and 1990s, but was finally abandoned by the artist Charlie Christensen for other projects. Now he's back doing Arne Anka since 2004 and finally someone has opted to start a comic book based on the character. A bit late some might say, but this character is still one of the most well known in Sweden, so it just might work. It might also work since this seems to be an honest atempt at making a comic book with a soul. There is the obligatory editorial by Christensen, but also a text about how he educated himeslf as an artist, making the comic book feel more like a genuine message from Christensen and less like a corporate product.

The choice of the other comics also works pretty well. OK, som much of the content can be atributed to the fact that the artists are in one way or other connected to the publishing company Kartago, which is owned by the publisher of the comic book, Schibsted. But I still get a feeling that Christensen's hand has been involved in the choices made. And there are loads of Swedish comics in the comic book, by artists like Jan Stenmark, Nickan Jonasson, Lina Neidestam, Sofia Olsson and Henrik Lange.

Something that also makes me really happy is the fact that the Norwegian strip Zofies värld has been included, and for the first time is shown to a Swedish audience. I love this idiosyncratic strip, and hope we will get Swedish translations of the collected volumes as well.

So, after just one issue it is of course hard to say if this will work or not, but I'd give this comic book a good chance. Compared to many of the comic books out there it feels pretty genuine and has a good choice of secondary comics which works together. OK, so including the over-exposed Calvin & Hobbes feels a bit weird...

Donald Duck all over the news

OK, so its quite obvious that Donald Duck makes people react in Sweden. The debate about last week's story about illegal downloading and copying of music simply wont die down. I have now been interviewed several times, and articles can be found in Dagens Nyheter, Aftonbladet (twice) and Nyheter 24, to name but a few. Today there is an article in Sydsvenska Dagbladet who phoned me yesterday, and I will be interviewed in Swedish Radio's Brunchrapporten on channel 3 at about 11.15.