11 August 2009


Here's the very first portrait a comics artist ever drew of me. The Belgian Janry (Jean-Richard Geurts) was visiting a comics festival in the Danish city Odense of all places, and it was there that I for the first time got the idea to ask an artist to draw me in their own style. Janry seemed to think that this was a fun task after receiving endless requests for drawing Spirou or Marsupilami the whole day, and went in for it whole heartedly. And yes, I did have a lot more hair in those days...

Joanna Hellgren on the radio

Today, the Swedish comics artist Joanna Hellgren was interviewed on the program Kulturnytt (Culture News) on Swedish Radio P1. You can read a transcript (with or without Google translate) or listen to the interview here. Hellgren was first published in French, and one of her books was chosen as one of the most interesting comics published in French during 2008 at the festival in Angouleme this year. Now she has finally been translated back into Swedish and her book Frances is making waves in the media. I read the book already in French as a preparation for an interview with Hellgren at Angouleme, but I'll reread it now in Swedish and be back with a review shortly.

Out now: Bild & Bubbla 179

New issue just out, and as usual I’m a very proud “father”. Long interview with the members of the Swedish manga group Yokaj (which I predict will soon be published all over the world), sketchbook section with the inimitable Johan Wanloo (strangely unknown outside of Sweden), interview with the legendary Swedish publisher Rolf Classon, article about the Islamic superheroes The 99, article about the flurry of comics with Barak Obama, special comics report on Angouleme by Joanna Hellgren (Frances) plus all the usual reviews etc. All members of Seriefrämjandet should have received it by now. If you are not a member you can order it directly through Seriefrämjandet, or buy it at any of the many retaliers that carry it.