19 August 2009

A night to remember II

The night progresses. The Comic Art School have entertained with Pictionary, comics style. I have talked about propaganda to a packed auditorium and right now Josefin Svenske is talking to an equally packed room with the artists who will debut with books in the new publishing deal Novelett. Around nine C'est Bon will show their brand new art movie based on the comics they have published the last eight years.

Comment: The above was written and sent from my new iPhone, and for some reason the image didn't get tranferred properly. Oh well, I'll get it right one of these days...

A night to remember

Tonight there are several comics related events at the Malmö festival. There will be a on-stage drawing competition by the students at the Comic Art School, a lecture by yours truly based on my forthcoming book Comic Art Propaganda (which explains the choice of the horrible/beautiful (depending on your views) cover above, an on-stage debate about the new book series Novelett by representatives from the publisher Kolik and lastly the people from C'est Bon will do a performance based on the comics they have published the last eight years in C'est Bon Anthology. The whole evening is hosted by The Swedish Comics Association.

More information, in Swedish, can be found here.