22 August 2009


Right now, you can go and se the art/comics exhibition konSEKVENS by the relativelly new group Wormgod Dogmrow, consisting of Mattias Elftorp (Piracy is Liberation) and Susanne Johansson - both formerly with C'est Bon Kultur.

The exhibition is shown at Folkets Bio Panora in Malmö and will be available whenever they are open the next month or so.

Oh, and in the image above, looking at the big prints, are the cartoonists Frida Ulvegren and Rene Engström (Anders loves Maria).

News from Optimal Press

The website for the Swedish publisher Optimal Press has just been updated, and filled with this autumn's new releases. The most anticipated is without a doubt the eighth volume of Allt för konsten, the biggest, most well-respected comics anthology in Scandinavia. With 312 pages, this is a hefty volume, showcasing the comics by the best and the brightest. A sampling can be found here.