24 August 2009

Ignatz Awards nominations 2009

Just now, the nominations for this years Ignatz Awards (the most prestigious alternative awards in the American comics industry) was revealed at the site for the festival SPX. Interesting reading. The anthology Mome is quite obviously keeping the fire burning, and Fantagraphics and Drawn & Quarterly are neck and neck at the nomination race. The winners will be voted for and announced at SPX this September.

Academia here I come

Well, it's not the most luxurious of offices, but it's mine, MINE I TELL YOU! Ahem... well, my first day at Malmö University has been all about gathering appropriate furniture, getting access codes etc. Hopefully I'll get some job done tomorrow...

DC's CEO interviewed

Here's a brand new and interesting interview with DC Comics CEO and publisher Paul Levitz, talking abut the transition from comic books to graphic novels, the emerging market for digital comics etc. Very interesting, if you want to understand where the American comics market is headed.

And no, the choice of illustration is not intended as a critique. I just liked the way Watchmen turned up in another major phenomenon of popular culture.