16 September 2009

News: Myling horror

Right now all publishers of comics in Sweden are gearing up for the big book fair in Gothenburg next week. Most books published in the second half of the year will debut there. Already many have arrived from the printers, and the media are quick to respond. A new publisher, Myling media, has published an anthology with new Swedish horror comics, (silhouettes), something that Swedish media has discovered. Looking forward to reading this, and in the meantime, you can visit the newly formed publishers site.

Live: Peter Snejbjerg

Right now the experienced artist Peter Snejbjerg (Starman, The Light Brigade, Hellboy and so on) is talking about how he got started working for the American market.

Live: The Comic Art School at Gimle

Right now the students at the Comic Art School of Malmö are on a oficcial visit to Gimle, the oldest and biggest studio for comics artists, in Copenhagen.

Here we see the Danish artist Sussi Bech (Nofret), talking about her work process.