26 September 2009

Live: The party after

Here's a quick snapshot from the party we held after the award ceremony. As usual a good crowd, mixing people from all parts of the comics business.

Now we're heading out for dinner, and then looking forward to the double release party for doob and Kolik later tonight.

Live: Urhunden

Now we have had the big award ceremoni for Urhunden. The people attending, from the business and from the general audience, and the media coverage has been overwhelming. Above can be seen Jan Lööf signing after the ceremony (sorry, but I was on stage all the time and have no photos from the actual ceremony).

Here's a proud Joakim Pirinen, showcasing hus award and a cimplimentary beer during the party afterwards.

Live: Kevin O'Neil

Today's talk at the Comica festival in London is given by Kevin O'Neil, who is right now talking about his career, including the co-creation of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

The talk is being held at the Islington City Library and the big top floor hall is quite full of listeners. And yes, that's Paul Gravett on the left, assisting with questions on stage.

Live: Kartago

The thrid day of the Gothenburg book fair has started. Today, I will try to show you some of the new books which has debuted here. I'll start with Kartago, and the smiling man above is no other than the editor and artist Thomas Olsson (Rogert), at the moment residing in the booth.

One of the debut books,the very first collection of the strip Zelda by artist Lina Nejdestam.

Anorher debut book, Sayonara September by artist Åsa Ekström, as well as a new collection of the issues of the now defunct magazine Hjälp.

Here you can see, among other things, the second collection of Jan Lööf's comics, and a comic book edition of Charlie Christensen's Odilou. There are many more new books from the ever growing Kartago, like the first collection of the strip Pet och Panty, and I will get back to many of them in the months to come.