7 October 2009

News: Wertham's darlings on the web

Here's a beautiful little compilation that I just found of all the comics mentioned in Fredric Wertham's (in)famous book Seduction of the Innocent. Great reading, as it really makes you understand what Wertham was reacting against.

News: Review of Husfrid

The long awaited - well by me anyway, I read it a few years ago, and really loved it - Swedish edition of Alison Bechdel's Fun Home, in Swedish entitled Husfrid, was out at the big book fair last week, and is just now starting to make waves in the media. A very good review can be found at the web of the newspaper Expressen.

Review: Den manliga mystiken

Den manliga mystiken
By: Inger Edelfeldt
Language: Swedish
96 pages, b&w
Alfabeta, 2009
ISBN: 978-91-501-1168-2

OK, so I'm probabaly going to get bashed for this, but this book just didn't do it me. I was really taken by the book Den kvinnliga mystiken (the female mystique) by Edelfeldt, which was published 20 years ago, but much has happened since then.

This book is titled Den manliga mystiken (the male mystique), making it an obvious follow-up, but much has changed in 20 years, and it just isn't funny and/or interesting anymore. Edelfeldt's comics feels cramped, disorienting and, well to tell the truth not very relevant. The recurring jokes about gays feels just a bit too... recurring. And the stereotypical males shown feels a bit dated. Don't get me wrong, the world is still full of them, it's just that most of what's being said in this book has already been said. No, for more interesting takes on gender in comics I would rather read the works of more contemporary artists like Sara Granér, Loka Kanarp, Liv Strömqvist, Nina Hemmingsson and so on.