9 October 2009

Live: Rene Engström at the Comic Art School

This year we have the honour of having the comic artist Rene Engström (Anders Loves Maria) as attending our course for professional artists. She doesn't really give talks, but today she agreed to talk about how to market a webcomic, which was very interesting.

PS: Sorry about the murky iPhone photo...

Live: The Comic Art School

Every Friday since the inception of the Comic Art School ten years ago, we have held an open breakfast meeting at 10 o´clock. Since we have done this for such a long time this is by now an established event and we have journalists, teachers, librarians, publishers, editors, comics artists and so on visiting us every week.

This week, one of the visitors was the artist Liv Strömqvist, who came by to inform everyone about a series of talks with Swedish comic artists that she is organising in Malmö this autumn. Read more at www.amalthea.com.