31 October 2009

Live: Kolbeinn Karlsson and Emelie Östergren

And now the third exhibition for this evening, with art by Kolbeinn Karlsson and Emelie Östergren, who have been inspired by things owned by the other artist and created art and comics related to these objects. A strange and beautiful exhibition at Makeriet, close to the Cultural House Mazetti.

Live: International meeting

Right now there are people from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, India and Libanon, all gathered in my comics library - talking about how to save the world... Well not really, but we are having a very interesting discussion about reading comics, and whether this is an inherant ability or an aquired taste.

Live: Gunnar Krantz

This very murky photo is supposed to show the artist Gunnar Krantz, painting water colors at the restaurant På besök, where the originals from his book Vin och vatten (Wine and water). You can probably not tell but in front of him is four originals, and two glasses with... wine and water!

Live: Karolina Bång

Now the festival is over for today and we have started walking around to all the various openings of comics exhibitions featured tonight. The first stop was Karolina Bång's exhibition at Selfmade/Astrid och aporna on Bergsgatan.

Live: Zeina Abirached

I have just finished the on stage talk with Zeina Abirached, a Lebanese-French artist who will be published in Swedish next spring. She talked about her autobiographical stories of living in Beirut during the war, of her artistic influences and how her stories have been recieved in France and in Lebanon.

Assisting on stage was the Swedish artist Johanna Hellgren, who translated from French and also contributed with a lot of questions.

Live: Tony Cronstam

There is a continuous system of signings with comics artists at the festival. Right now Tony Cronstam (Elvis) is signing.

Live: Frankenstein

One if the many things I didn't have time to do yesterday was visiting the opening of the exhibition Frankenstein Panorama, by C'est Bon. It's perfectly situated in the lobby of the cinema Spegeln and consists of visual interpretations of the myth surrounding this calssical monster and a continous showing of the very first film (a silent movie from 1910!) based on the novel.

Here's the curator, Jamil Mani, alongside the beautiful poster for the exhibition, showing a monster with art by all the contributing artists.

Live: Seriernas värld

So, the second day of the festival is on. The exhibitions are open, the workshops are gathering speed and so on.

I have been talking to Thomas Karlsson, curator from Örebro County Museum, who has talked about his exhibition of comics originals which were part of a major exhibition in Örebro and is now on display here in Malmö.

Karlsson has gathered an impressive collection of originals from all over the world and seeing these samples I am quite sorry I never got around to visiting the exhibition in Örebro.

Above can be seen the original for the collected edition and original pages of Alan Moore's script.