3 November 2009

News: Angouleme in danger

The 37th Festival International de la Bande Dessinée in Angoulême is in danger. The mayor of Angoulême has announced that the funding for the festival will be lowered with 400.000 Euros, which has prompted speculations as to whether the festival will even take place, or if it will be canceled and moved somewhere else. No official announcement has come from the festival organizers yet, and the mayor will make a new announcement today.

I don't think this year's festival is in danger of being canceled and considering they have just extended and rebuilt the comics museum I don't think the region will let the festival go. Still, I am worried, as this is my personal favorite among all the comics festivals I visit every year.

News: The winning contribution

A lot of people have been asking about the winning contribution Jag & min pappa & Zlatan (Me & my dad and Zlatan) to the comics competition to create new comics for children which was held in conjunction with the comics festival last weekend. Well, now it's online on the creator's, Mattias Elftorp's, website.

As can be expected from Elftorp (Piracy is Liberation), who is a very political artist, this is a story with a clear political message and a lot of symbolism. I applaud the jury for having the guts to choose such a different and "daring" children's comic. The list of the members in the jury and their motivation can be found on the festival website.

News: Ctrl.Alt.Shift: Unmasks corruption

I have just barely recovered from the festival I Seriernas Värld here in Malmö (well, I haven't really, as my cold grew into asthma, but I'm working on it). But there's no rest for the wicked... In a few days I will travel to London for the Comica festival, where the above anthology will be released with contributions by yours truly, There will also be a panel discussion on propaganda in comics that I will host, there's an exhibition with excerpts from my forthcoming book Comic Art Propaganda, one with the original art from the comic I wrote for the anthology and so on.

I'm really looking forward to reconnecting with my friends in London, and finding new ones. And I will of course blog here to keep you all posted on the events.