9 November 2009

Live: Lazarides Gallery

Today I've been to see the Ctrl.Alt.Shift exhibition at Greek street in London. They show a lot of the art from the anthology that I have a piece in.

The most impressive art was (sorry Jan...) without a doubt the very three-dimensional pages by Dave McKean.

In the cave-like underground part of the exhibition can be found parts of my fortcoming book Comic Art Propaganda. Really nice setting.

At the exhibition I also gave an interview to the BBC World Service about propaganda. Not sure if I managed to make any sense while fighting the urge to cough loudly...

Live: Comica

The London comics festival Comica is still going, even though the major weekend is finished. For me it has been a nice if somewhat hectic experience, as I wanted to visit the comics market with all the small publishers, listen to all the talks on stage, sit down and talk to all the new people I have met from all over the world, and hang out with the group of Swedish comics expats here in London...

Anyway, it's been great. The panel discussion that I chaired yesterday went very well. I had five very dedicated, politically interested cartoonists on the panel and they more or less handeled it all by themselves. I only had start and finish the thing.

Today I'm told I'm supposed to talk on national TV and then I'll try to visit a few of the other exhibitions which are dispursed throughout the city, and see if I can hook up with some more of the comics people who are in town.

Oh, and the image above shows a great big wall at the ICA, where all the cartoonists at the festival together helped create a huge comic.