24 November 2009

News: Niklas Asker 30

A few days ago, the talented Swedish comics artist Niklas Asker (Second Thoughts) turned 30, something that was celebrated with an article in Sydsvenska Dagbladet. If you go to the web version of the article, you can also find a short video interview with Asker.

The photo above is one of many which I took when interviewing Asker for the big article in Bild & Bubbla 180.

Academic Comics Crash Course...

As part of my phd studies and have devised an initial personal reading course to get into the right mindset. The following books have been chosen to represent academic research about comics in various parts of the world as well as a look into different approaches to studying comics. So this is what I will be reading the next month or so:

Magnusson, Helena. Berättande bilder: svenska tecknade serier för barn (a doctor's thesis on Swedish Children's comics)

Christiansen, Hans-Christian. Tegneseriens æstetik (another doctors thesis, about the estethics of comics)

USA McCloud, Scott. Understanding Comics

France Groensteen, Thierry.The System of Comics

USA/France Miller, Ann. Reading Bande dessinée: Critical Approaches to French-Language Comic Strip

Dittmar, Jakob. Comic-Analyse

I have read some of these before, but now I'll do it more focused on the task that lies ahead with my own phd. Really getting into this :) After this, there's another 40 or 50 books on my shelf here, waiting to be read...