26 November 2009

Live: The Comic Art School 2.0

For a long time now we have been planning the move of The Comic Art School of Malmö. We have since the start lived and worked in an old factory building which is charming but has become rather run down.

Now we are in the process of moving to anothet old factory building, but one which will be renovated to fit our needs perfectly. The building is of course the old chocolate factory, Mazetti, the Cultural center of the town of Malmö and we will occupy a part of the top floor.

We have been to endless meetings and planned the rooms for the students to work in, rooms for teaching and giving lectures in, a room for the teachers and so on - and today was the first time we got the chance to visit the work site and see how it will look in real life.

We have tried to preserve as much as possible of the original factory feeling but at the same time make it a functional workplace for the more than 40 persons who daily frequent the Comic Art School.

This is going to be really good!

News: Pirinen interviewed

Due to the publication of the collection Kvarteret Kolossen (revised and extended edition of the long since out of print collection Kvarteret Kniven) with all the early comics by the grand master of Swedish comics, Joakim Pirinen is all over the news right now. Here's a brand new interview at the review site Bokhora.