29 January 2010

News: Exhibitions, exhibitions, exhibitions

The city of Angouleme is, as per usual, shock full of exhibitions, and I have done my best to see the ones which seems the most interesting. Above can be see the small but inspired exhibition of Russian comics. Here's a few examples.

Then there was a major exhibition on the history of humorous drawings and cartoons. Beautifully produced with a chronological presentation (starting at about 300AD) and a dark red section of the walls running through all the rooms.

Then there was the exhibition of art by the artist Fabio which was rather uninspired, except for the wonderful chair, which can be seen below.

The exhibition which stirred my imagination the most was, not surprising, the one on Blutch, the president of this year's festival. He stoically refused to focus on his comics and showcased room after room with evocative drawings in his dark, sketchy style. Each room also had its own soundtrack, adding to the meditative feeling. After this, I am going to buy a bunch of art books by Blutch.

Anyway, have to keep moving. Right now there's a press conferense here in the press centre, with the director of the movie Waltz with Bashir, which could have been interesting, but due to it being in French and consisting of a lot if old men just droning on and on, I think I'll head out back into the "real" world again.

Au revoir!


  1. Å den där ryska skulle jag gärna kolla in. Var där i vintras men gjorde inga stora fynd eftersom ingen jag träffade hade ens hört talas om ryska serier.

  2. I just found out that, apparently, one of the foremost academic experts on Russian comics has just had a(n English-language) book published.


  3. yes, I bought it a couple of weeks ago. Haven't had the time to read it yet, but looking forward to do so. To few images, though...