2 March 2010

News: The 1980s in the History

OK, so today's assignment is to write the chapter in the book Swedish Comics History on the 1980s and the introduction of comics for an older audience. Please join me at Facebook, and tell me which artists should be included.

News: Tivoli still here

The still rather new Swedish comic book for kids, Tivoli med vänner (Tivoli with Friends) have entered their second year, and I'm impressed. 

Firstly for them to still be around. Making a brand new comic book work financially without having the backing of a major publishing corporation is almost impossible. I don't know how much they sell and if they are actually breaking even, but simply the fact that they are still publishing once a month is, like I said, impressive. 

Secondly, for the slowly but surely raising of the artistic level of the comics. To start with, the comics were, to be honest, so-so. The ambition was there, and the comic book did work as a whole, but the comics were lacking both in script and in images. The very competent Annika Giannini has taken over the responsibility for the art in the main comic and the equally competent Sara Olausson starts in this issue, as I have reported about before, with the adaptation of the classic children's novel Loranga, Masarin och Dartanjang. Yes, the quality is there, now it's just a question of staying power, to make sure that the number of readers slowly grow enough to make it all profitable.