11 April 2010

Live: MoCCA Day One

Yesterday was a good day. Yes, the crate of books that we sent from Sweden was finally declared "lost" by UPS, but we rallied and did the best we could with the books present. Oh, and the image above shows the Armory, the huge building housing the show, and the looong cue of visitors, streching around almost half the building.

All the books published by Top Shelf as part of the Swedish Invasion, were of course present, as well as Galago's beautiful second volume of Northern Lights. They have all sold well and the artists and editors are really happy with the show so far.

There are so many Swedes around this year that I have almost lost track. Above can be seen Emelie Östergren at Buenaventura Press, with her brand new book Mr. Kenneth, published by Optimal Press.

After the festival was finished for the day, we all went to the official MoCCA party, which sadly was just crowded and loud. Still, a very good evening with a lot of exchange across national borders.

Today, Sunday, is the last day of the festival and a day of panel discussions and lectures for yours truly. There are several panels I want to listen to and then there's the one on Scandinavian comics, which I will take part in. It's all looking to be another good day in NYC.