21 April 2010

News: And the nominees are...

It's that time of the year. The nominees for the Urhunden Awards have been announced at the website for the Swedish Comics Association. The nominees for the award for best Swedish graphic novel or trade paperback are:

Andersson, Kim W.: Love hurts (Kartago)

 Hellgren, Joanna: Frances 1 (Ordfront Galago)

Kanarp, Loka: Pärlor och patroner : 60 historiska kvinnoporträtt (Kolik)

Karlsson, Kolbeinn: Trollkungen (Ordfront Galago)

Lapidus, Jens/Bergting, Peter: Gängkrig 145 (Wahlström & Widstrand) 

Österberg, Emelie: Evil dress (Sanatorium)

And the nominees for best translated graphic novel or trade paperback are:

Bechdel, Alison: Husfrid : en tragikomisk familjeberättelse (Ordfront Galago)

Brown, Jeffrey: Fumlig (Ordfront Galago)

Crumb, Robert: Första Moseboken : Genesis (Kartago)

Musturi, Tommi: På väg med Samuel (Optimal press)

Ott, Thomas: Numret 73304-23-4153-6-96-8 (Kartago)

All in all, an impressive line-up. Make sure you buy and read them all, so that you can decry the results of the jury when they are released...

News: Kick-Ass kicks ass!

You'll have to be dumb, deaf and blind not to notice the film Kick-Ass these last few weeks. It seems that it is doing quite well, box-office wise, which will probably open up for even more films based on comics.

Now, I haven't seen this film, but I just might as it seems closer to my definition of mindless entertainment fun than the average Marvel or DC superhero film... The best thing is still, I think, that the collection of the original comic is doing extremely well. due to the interest generated by the film.