10 May 2010

News: R.I.P. Frank Frazetta

Another one of the big names in comics have passed away. Frank Frazetta died today, May 10th. Frazetta was part of the comic business of America almost from the start of the comic book era and kept working for many of the major publishers in the 1940s and 1950s, until he became famous as an artist for book covers, film posters etc. in the 1960s. As with Peter O´Donnell, who passed away recently, I am not and never have been a big fan of Frazetta, but I recognize the contribution he has done to comics and the fact that he has millions of fans all over the world.

Thanks to Simon Rohrmüller for the tip.

Video: Spider-Man Apprehends Comic Thief

Last weeks film clip was quite a serious piece, so this week I'll opt for something more on the lighter side. Here's a very popular clip right now, showing how the owner of an American comic shop apprehends a thief, while wearing a Spider-Man costume. The rather undramatic incident took place during a Free Comic Book Day, which obviously someone took a bit too literally and tried to put an exclusive X-Men Omnibus worth 150 dollars in his bag.

As the story goes, the owner shouted out that no-one was to leave the store, and two customers, dressed as Jedi Knights, stepped up to make sure no-one passed through the door. The police who was called in, probably had a hard time not cracking up...