31 October 2011

News: ISV 2011 is about to open

This weekend, the Swedish Comics Association's biannual children's festival I Seriernas Värld (In the World of Comics) erupts with book fair, debates, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and so on. Check out the website at www.isv.se for a full list of everything that is happening Friday through Sunday.

I will inaugurate the festival on Friday night at 19.00 and also give away awards in the competition that has been held to create new children's comics. There were a lot of good comics entered into the competition this year, so the jury had their hands full in coming to a decision. After this there will be a comics battle on stage, with comics artists battling it out with pen and ink.

Then on Saturday at 13.00, I'll have an artists talk with comics creator extraordinaire, Julien Neel (Lou!), Really looking forward to that. Just read the fifth volume of Lou! (it will be released at festival) the  and it just keeps getting better. 

After this, at 14.00, I will lead a debate on the state of children's comics in Sweden, with a very knowledgeable panel consisting of Natalia Batista (creator of the book series Mjau!), Jenni Warg (publisher from Positiv Förlag/Tivoli med vänner), Lisa Wibom (publisher Wibom Books/Lou!) and Daniel Carlsson (publisher Egmont/Bamse). This will be very interesting as we have some of the most important decision makers in the field of children's comics in Sweden together on one stage.

Anyway, hope to see you sometime during the weekend!
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