19 November 2011

News: Swedish/Finnish Comics Seminar

Comics seminar in the Selma (Lagerlöf) room.

The Swedish Comics Association has been on a two day seminar with the Finnish Comics Society, discussing comics, politics, economy and how to integrate our two Comics cultures more.
The seminar was held at the beautiful Hanasaari Cultural Centre, just outside of Helsinki (as can be seen in the photo above) and was organised by the Finnish Comics Association.

Yours truly talking about Swedish Comics history.

Jamil Mani Talking about Swedish Comics of today.
Mattias Elftorp, talking about Wormgod.
Representatives for the Swedish Comics Association were yours truly, Fredrik Strömberg (President of the Swedish Comics Association and Editor of Bild & Bubbla), Jamil Mani (Vice President of the Swedish Comics Association and President of C'est Bon Kulur) and Mattias Elftorp (founding member of Wormgod and project manager of Tusen serier). We all gave talks about our roles and ongoing projects within the Swedish Comics Association and discussed the possibility of integrating things more with what the Finnish Comics Society is doing.

Ville Hänninen talks about Finnish Comics Annual 2011.

Present for the Finnish Comics Society were, among others, Otto Sinisalo (Chairman and responsible for the Comics Festival in Helsinki), Kalle Hakkola (CEO), Maria Ahokoivu (project manager for NordiComics and Editor of Sarjainfo) and Ville Hänninen (Editor of the anthology Finnish Comics Annual 2011).

This was a very inspiring two days, with a lot of insights into how our two organisations have handled growing rapidly the last decade. What I learned was just how similar the Finnish Comics Society and the Swedish Comics Association are and how much we have to learn from each other. Hopefully this will be an annual event, where we can get the possibility to exchange ideas and grow together.

My heartfelt thanks to the Finnish Comics Society for organising this seminar and for taking so good care of everything.
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