17 January 2011

Portrait: Liv Strömquist

I've interviewed the talented and very interesting comics creator Liv Strömquist a number of times. The drawing above was made at the Book Fair in Gotenburg 2010, where we talked on stage, while Strömquist was drawing and her drawings very shown in real-time on a screen behind us. I asked the audience to come up with something for her to draw, but as nobody dared ask, I resorted to my old ploy of asking her to draw me. This resulted in the beautiful drawing above, which I luckily managed to rescue when we closed down the stage after the fair was over.

Here's a photo from the interview:

Liv has drawn me before, when I did an interview about her feminist sex-comic, Drift (Lust). The interview was published in Bild & Bubbla 175, and that drawing can be seen here.