1 February 2011

Live: Ulli Lust

Still in France, though now in Paris a few days for meetings etc. The winners of the awards in Angouleme have been anounced and among them were, to my delight, the French translation of Austrian artist Ulli Lust's Heute ist der letzte tag vom rest deines lebens (Today is the last day of the rest of your life).

This was celebrared at the Goethe Institute here in Paris, with a live reading from the book and an interview with Lust, talking about the difficult time she has chosen to retell in this massive graphic novel, which I am sure will make it to the hall of fame of graphic novels internationally.

I left Lust hard at work signing, but as she is a guest at SPX in Stockholm in a few months, we will see each other again, at which time I hope to manage a proper interview with this very interesting artist.