15 February 2011

Portrait: Daan Jippes

Here's a beautiful portrait of me looking rather tired, which the Dutch artists Daan Jippes drew last autumn when I had an artist talk with him on stage at the comics festival Komiks.dk. Jippes is one of the most beloved artists working with the Donald Duck comics, known for drawings closely resembling those of the grand old master Carl Barks. He was at the festival because he had just released a brand new album in the series Havank, in which he draws in a style reminiscent of the classical Belgian Marcinelle school of the 1950s.

Come to I think about it, he actually drew the portrait afterwards, when we were having a beer together with Norwegian Donald Duck artist Arild Midthun and legendary Danish Donald Duck editor Byron Ericsson. The shop-talk that ensued was actually much more interesting than the artist talk I had had, and I wish I had recorded the whole thing as these men were swapping memories and anecdotes from the Disney production line back and forth in a very interesting manner. Oh well, you can't win 'em all...