3 March 2011

Blog: Inkers Allstars

A new blog aimed at publishing Swedish comics in English has been launched. Six Swedish cartoonists have banded together to show off their best works, in English and on a regular schedule, all updating regularly once a week so that the blog has a new comic every day. A system of "guest inkers", presented with interviews and articles also means that we will be treated to the comics of a number of Swedish artists, making this site a good start for someone wanting to get an insight into the work of current Swedish cartoonists.

The name of the site is the tongue in cheek Inkers Allstars and the stars are Jonas Darnell, Max Gustafsson, Nickan Jonasson, Jimmy Wallin and Alf Woxnerud, all showing you just what Swedish humour is all about. My personal favourite, though, is the only woman in this colourful company, Malin Billler, whose strips always provokes and entertains me in just the right proportions.