3 April 2011

Whimsy: Swedish Superman from 1943

OK, so I really should be working right now, but I found the above tome in a local shop for vintage toys while out and about town with my son this weekend. It's a copy of the Swedish Jules Verne Magazine Veckan Äventyr (This Week's Adventure) from 1943, sporting Superman (Stålmannen) on the cover. This is just five years after the character was created in the U.S. and six years before there was a regular comic book featuring Superman/Stålmannen in Sweden. I just thought it looked nice and would probably be useful for illustrating some article or book sometime and bought it for the equivalent of two dollars. The interior of this very male magazine was also interesting, though, showing ample traces of having been published during WWII, with loads of spies, military action and so on. A real time capsule.

Oh well, back to work...