9 May 2011

News: The Swedish Comics Association's Fanzine Awards

One thing about SPX, which I didn't have the time to report about during the festival, as I was the official master of ceremonies, was the Fanzine Awards, given away by the Swedish Comics Association at the end of the festival.

Winner of the Audience's Award, which was voted for during SPX, was the anthology 7 Oktober (October 7), edited by Calle Krantz.

The special award for "Extraodinary efforts or influence in the world of fanzines", was given to the online fanzine babian.se.

The runner-ups to the Grand Award, all sharing second place on the jury's list, were, Misc #2 by Sara Berntsson (seen above) and Hela Armen by Tom Waldton and Oh Yeah! by Johnie Ekman, both seen below.   

And finally, the Grand Award was given to... Din själ för en saga (Your soul for a fairy tale) by Daniel Westman.

Well, that's it. Remember that to be eligible for this years award, be sure to hand in your fanzine to the Swedish Comics Association, and also get a review in Bild & Bubbla