20 September 2011

News: Bild & Bubbla 188

A new issue of Bild & Bubbla has arrived! I've been editing this publication for almost 15 years now, but it is still a thrill to get a brand new issue, fresh from the boxes, smelling sweetly of printing ink.

As usual, the new issue is filled to the brim with interviews, comics, news, articles, reviews and so on. Click on the image above to see the full table of contents. 

The major theme of this issue is the Swedish artist Lina Neidestam and her new book Maran, an erotic,  feminist take on old Swedish folk tales. Neidestam is interviewed by yours truly and has also provided the striking image seen on the cover at the top of this blog entry.

The image section of this issue has been used to show examples of the very best French children's comics, a selection made in collaboration with Catherine Morin-Thouvenin at the Centre national de la littérature pour la jeuness in Paris. This showcase of modern children's comics will also result in an exhibition that will be shown during the comics festival ISV in Malmö next month. 

Another major feature is the interview with Stefan Diös, the translator of Donald Duck in Sweden, who for decades has been giving the Disney comics a proper Swedish language. He was recently awarded Urhunden, the prestigious award from the Swedish Comics Assocation, for his dedication to giving young readers a proper introduction to the Swedish language.

Sven Bertil Bärnarp, creator of the popular comic strip Medelålders plus (Middle-aged Plus) talks about his career and how he creates his comics.

Then there is an article about the comics journalist Joe Sacco, with an new interview and discussions concerning the fact that there are finally several Swedish publications of his work.  

Indian comics got off to a late start but are now flourishing. The British comics historian Paul Gravett gives an overview of the modern day graphic novel in India.

If you want to read the rest of the issue and are not already a subscriber, it can be ordered from the Swedish Comics association. If you want to subscribe, you can also do this directly from the Swedish Comics Association