23 September 2011

Live: The Adamson Awards

I have been having major problems posting here today. Finally I have had to give up and remove all images... Oh well here's what I've been trying to post since the Adamson Award was under way...

Right now the Adamson Awards are being anounced. The President of Svenska Serieakademin (the Swedish Comics Academy), Sture Hegerfors, is on stage on the second floor of the book fair.

The award for a Swedish cartoonist was, surprisingly, given to two separare artists: Lina Neidestam (Zelda, Maran) and Kim W. Andersson (Love Hurts, Alena).

Well, separatelly is probably not the right choice of words, as they actually are a couple and often work closely together. This is also Kim's birthday, so I'd say that he's having a good day today.

The international award was given to the American Bill Willingham (Fables). He was not present, so the award was accepted by Daniel Carlsson from Egmont.

The special award handed out to journalists, editors etc. were this year given to Rolf Jansson, legendary editor and publisher, who among other things started the comic book Fantomen, the Phantom, which is still being published today more than 60 years later. Jansson was also responsible for launching the now legendary children's comic book Tuff & Tuss.

Jansson gave a talk, reminicing about his long career and recieved loud applauds from the audience. Seeing Jansson, who almost could not make it up on the podium, receive this award was probably the most touching moment I've experienced at an Adamson award ceremony.

Live: The Comics Stage

Right now Nina Hemmingsson and Joakim Pirinen is on stage at Seriescenen, making the corridors surrounding the stage almost impossible to walk through. We'll need a bigger stage area next year...

My report from the Adamson Awards has gotten stuck in Internet limbo and the image for this blog entry won't upload. Frustrating! I'll see if I can get it to publish before the day is over...