30 January 2012

Live: Angoulême - Going to Paris

So, the Swedish exhibition in Angoulême is over and done with. It's been a great four days, but now it's time to move on. I will travel home to Sweden, but the exhibition will go on to Paris, where it will be on display for the next three months.

Right now we are focusing on getting everything packed into the two especially built crates that accompany the exhibition. A bit sad to tear everything down, but also a relief, as this has been a long and arduous journey.

I am going to Sweden for a few days, but will return to Paris next week, when I, curator Josefin Svenske and artists Malin Biller, Anneli Furnark and Knut Larsson will take part in the grand opening. Right now, I'm very happy to be on my way home, though. Tired but very satisfied.

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