28 January 2012

Live: Angoulême - Inauguration Ceremony

Yesterday evening we were part of the VERY official inauguration ceremony at the grand Theatre building, with all the other dignitairies. Above can be seen the president of this year's festival, Art Spiegelman (Maus) with his wife Francoise Mouly (Raw, Little Lit) as well as Joe Sacco (Palestine) and Charles Burns (Black Hole).

I was the representative of the Swedish group and was interviewed on stage about Swedish comics in general and the, from a French perspective quite obviously fascinating, fact that there are a so many female artists working with comics in Sweden. This was all a bit intimidating but also exilerating to get to promote Swedish comics culture at the highest possible level.

After the interview, the festival honoured Kristiina Kolehmainen, who has been the foremost representative for Swedish comics at the festival for almost 20 years, and who is directly responsible for there actually being a Swedish exhibition. This was a very moving event for all of us who know Kristiina, but sadly she was not present herself to hear it.
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