30 January 2012

Live: Angoulême - Rayon Frais

Swedish comics have been getting a lot of attention here in France these last few days, and the biggest splash was made by the anthology Rayon Frais, co-published by Swedish Galago and French Les Requins Marteaux. The anthology has been reviewed in the revered newspaper Liberation, and given a whole spread, with art by many Swedish artists. This has raised the awareness of this brand new anthology with cutting edge Swedish comics tremendously.

To celebrate this, there was a release party last night at the booth of Les Requins Marteaux, where enthusiastic readers were treated to vodka and "Swedish bread".

Sales have been brisk for the anthology all through the festival and I am sure that now that it is available in French, other publishers will find Swedish artists that they like and want to publish. This is definitely the start of an avalanche of Swedish comics being published in France.

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