27 January 2012

Live: Angoulême - Day 1

Today was the first day of the festival and everything has worked out great. The Swedish exhibition is up and running, we have had a steady flow of visitors all day and a lot of interest from media.

The exhibition is made up of a number of panoramas in sturdy cardboard, with free-standing characters in front of them, creating the illusion of small paper theatres blown up to human size. The artists featured are as follows:

Kolbeinn Karlsson.
Joanna Hellgren.
Anneli Furmark.
Matilda Ruta.
Malin Biller.
Joanna Rubin Dranger.
Fabian Göranson.
Knut Larsson.
Loka Kanarp.

Besides this we also display a lot of framed originals from the participating artists.

In one end of the exhibition hall, we project the animated version of Joanna Rubin Dranger's Miss Remarkable and her Career on a wall for the visitors to sit down and watch, which many do all the way through even though it's more than 30 minutes long.

Then we have an artist's work place where Swedish artists can sit and draw, something that always catches the visitors' attention. Above can be seen Jonas Darnell, captivating the audience while drawing a Strindberg version of his character Herman Hedning.

At three o' clock in the afternoon we had the official opening, with the obligatory pompous inauguration talk by me and Josefin, red wine for everyone and afterwards a relaxed mingle with colleagues and visitors from all over the world.

Now it's time to close for the day and go and take part in the very official opening ceremony, where we will talk about Swedish comics in front of all the VIP:s of the festival. It'll get back to you with more details as soon as I get a chance to sit down and write again.


  1. "Of course we ended up talking about the fact that there is a much larger percentage of female artists in Swedish comics culture. " "...from a French perspective quite obviously fascinating, fact that there are a so many female artists working with comics in Sweden. This was all a bit intimidating but also exilerating to get to promote Swedish comics culture at the highest possible level."

    I think you missed an opportunity here. Why give people bread when they want cake? Why didn't you put up a show entirely based on hilarious, controversial and extremely funny swedish female artists? Liv Strömquist, Nanna Johansson, Sara Granér, Sara Hansson... That is something you in Sweden have and nobody else in the comics world does, to that extent. They would have been the talk of the town. A scandal, even. I'm sure that would have been an exhibition to remember and opened a lot of opportunities for other swedish comics, too. Controversy is a good spearhead in marketing.

  2. This is of course an idea for an exhibition that we have talked about for several years, and yes it would have caused more of a stir in Angouleme. The Strindberg angel, though, was what the festival asked for, and even more important, what we could get funding for, since there is a Strindberg year in Sweden. So it is a traveling exhibition, which will be shown in Paris, in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and so on, and all this is part if the financing. To put it simply, we could not have financed an exhibition only for Angouleme, therefore we had to look outside of the box to make it happen.