11 March 2012

News: Comics Trailers

A new trend among Swedish comics seems to be to create trailers for upcoming graphic novels. Here are two recent ones, made to promote two Swedish graphic novels by Kim W. Andersson and Åsa Ekström respectively. Enjoy!

Kim W. Andersson has made trailers like these before. Here's an older one for his comic Love Hurts:

There was also a trailer made for the graphic novel Gängkrig 145 by Jens Lapidus and Peter Bergting, that was shown as a commercial at cinemas all over Sweden a few years ago.

Do you know of other comic trailers like these, then please let me know, as I find this fascinating.


  1. Nicklas Johansson12 March 2012 at 08:33

    Kim W. Anderssons trailers påminner i mångt och mycket om TV-serien The Maxx, från andra halvan av 90-talet, och som bygger på Sam Keiths serie med samma namn!

    1. Ja, håller med, i alla fall så mkt som jag minns av The Maxx. Läste serien när den kom men såg bara brottstycken av TV-serien.