30 April 2012

Live: MoCCA 2012 - Day 2

The second day of MoCCA has ended, and I'm exhausted but very pleased with the way things has turned out. I've had another signing session with Fantagraphics, and my book was actually sold out at the end of the show. That felt good.

I've also managed to actually walk the floor today, looking at all the books and fanzines that were for sale. This is always interesting as it says a lot about the currents in the comics culture right now. For me, the most interesting stuff was published by the big publishers, Fantagraphics of course, but also Top Shelf, Drawn & Quarterly, Abrams, Yo Books and a few more. Together they put out so many new, interesting books that it's dizzying.

There were a few really interesting fanzines as well, but for the most part, they left me cold, being derivatives of well known genres and styles.

We also managed to get together representatives from the different Nordic countries, discussing how we can improve our cooperation at MoCCA in years to come. There was a lot of energy at this meeting and a lot of good ideas, so it is looking good for the Nordic Alley at MoCCA 2013.

After the show had ended I went for dinner with friend and colleague David Gerstein, whom I hadn't met in a few years and we had, as is always the case when you eat out with David, a great meal and some good gossip about the comics business.

Right now, I'm back at the hotel room, reading some of all the books I've bought. Tomorrow I'll go shopping and sit around at cafes working, before flying home in the evening. It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it...
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