8 February 2012

Live: Paris - The Grand Opening

Yesterday was the grand opening of the Swedish comics exhibition La vie n'est pas pour les amateurs, at the Swedish Institute in Paris, and it was a great success.

We started out in the afternoon with a complete walk-through of the exhibition with all the guides who will be here guiding the visitors. Me, Josefin Svenske, Anneli Furmark and Knut Larsson tried to convey as much information as possible about the exhibition and the artists represented for the guides to transmit to the general Parisian public in the months to come.

Then the official opening got going and people immediately started to pour in. There was a constant influx of visitors the whole evening and sometimes the main room got so crowded that I actually got a bit nervous for the exhibition, which is in cardboard and could easily be damaged if someone fell over a panorama or one of the characters. Of course this never happened and all things went very well, with a lot of new and interesting contacts made for the Swedish comics community. Expect many more Swedish comics artists to be published in French in the years to come.

After this, we sojourned to another beautiful room in Si:s incredible 16th century building and had a luxurious buffet with specially invited guests. Maria Ridelberg-Lemoine, deputy chief of the Swedish Institute in Paris and one of the instigators of the long journey that led to this exhibition, held a speech, thanking everybody who have been involved in the project, before we all devoured the delicious Italian buffet.

Well, that's it for now. At the moment, the exhibition is on display and will be so for almost three months. Today, Wednesday, we will also have a panel debate at 19.30 with all the artists present as well as Josefin Svenske and I, at the Swedish Institute. If you happen to be in Paris you are very welcome to come by and listen to what we have to say. The talk will be in English with translations into French.