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4 March 2010

News: Groo in Herman Hedning

OK, so I've never tried to hide that Sekventiellt is my own private blog, and even though I do report on all kinds of things, always trying to be equal and fair, it's bound to be a personal choice what I write about. Anyway, this is just a disclaimer, because I feel that in reporting this, I reveal myself as an old fan boy.

When I started to look outside of Sweden for new comics, way back in the 1980s, one of the titles that really got me excited was Groo by Aragonés  and Evanier. It was very silly, but Aragonés's drawings were inspired and the atmosphere of the comic book, with all the stupid remarks on the letter page etc., made me feel like part of a family. Now I realize that the latter was a continuation of the MAD tradition, but for me, in the 1980s, it was magic.

Anyway, this was a roundabout way of getting to the fact that in the new issue of the Swedish comic book Herman Hedning - which now that I come to think about it works just about the same way with letter pages, editorial texts etc. - has a new episode of... Groo! Let's see if a new generation of Swedish readers gets as excited as I was.

6 September 2009

Birthday: Sergio Aragonés

Today just happens to be the birthday of one of my childhood heroes, Sergio Aragonés. I was never all that enamoured with his work for MAD Magazine, but when I found Groo the Wanderer I was hooked. I still own all the issues, Swedish and American, as well as the trade paperbacks. Considering that I see my comics as a library to be used in my work and not as a collection and almost always unceremoniously get rid of all extra copies of something to make room for more things, this says a lot about my relationship with Groo, and Aragonés.

Anyway, this was a roundabout way of saying that i really like what Aragonés does, and getting to the point where I can casually tell you all that right now there is a big exhibition with his drawings at the Ojai Museum in California.