9 December 2010

News: The Best of 2010

It’s that time of year again, and time to start looking back at what actually happened during the last 12 months. Last year I wrote one review a day all through December. This year, I thought I would give you my thoughts on the best comics published during 2010 in one go, so as to give you the possibility of both wishing for that special book for Christmas but also the chance of giving one away to someone special.

So, here goes. These are my favourite, original Swedish graphic novels from 2010:
Title: Om någon vrålar i skogen
Translation: If someone screams in the forest
By: Malin Biller
Language: Swedish
200 pages, b&w, hardcover
Optimal Press, 2010
ISBN: 978-91-85951-12-3

This was one of the most anticipated, hard-hitting Swedish books of 2010. Malin Biller is mostly known for her, admittedly provocative but still humorous comic strips. This autobiographical tale of incest and suffering was something completely different, though. Beautiful, harrowing, compelling but also funny on a very human level. For a full review, see here.

Title: Fiskarna i havet
Translation: The Fish in the Sea
By: Anneli Furmark
Language: Swedish
167 pages, colour, soft-cover
Galago, 2010
ISBN: 978-91-86003-576

Another book which was very much anticipated, was the master of quiet, natural storytelling, Anneli Furmark's, first full-length graphic novel. This book has already been translated in to French, but sadly not yet into English. For a full review, see here.

Title: August Strindbergs Inferno
Translation: August Strindberg's Inferno
By: Fabian Göranson
Language: Swedish
160 pages, colour, hard cover
Kolik Förlag, 2010
ISBN: 978917610384

Normally I'm not much of a fan of comics based on literature, film and so on, as this is almost always disappointing, compared to the original or just compared with original comics. And then there are the exceptions, like Fabian Göranson's comics version of August Strindberg's novel Inferno. For a full review, see here.

Title: Theos Ockulta kuriositeter: De förlorade sidornas bok
Translation: The Occult Curiosities of Theo: The Book of Lost Pages
By: Ola Skogäng
Language: Swedish
180 pages, color, soft-cover
Ekholm & Tegebjer, 2010
ISBN: 978-91-86048-10-5

Another really interesting Swedish book from 2010, in a totally different genre and style. Ola Skogäng tells stories in the grand adventure style of yore and does it well. Again a book that has been published in French, but strangely not in English. For a full review, see here.

Title: Prins Charles känsla
Translation: Prince Charles’ Feeling
By: Liv Strömquist
Language: Swedish
130 pages, black & white, soft-cover
Galago, 2010
ISBN: 9789170375231

The new, critically acclaimed book by everyone's darling, Liv Strömquist, telling it like it is. Sweden's most didactic feminist cartoonist, who at the same time manages to be one of the funniest. I her latest book, she continues her relentless search for truths about the way we view the relationship between men and women. Educating and fun at the same time. Sadly, Stömquist's books are not available in any other language, yet.
Well, there you have it. There are of course many more, but these were my five favourites from the year 2010. A really strong year for Swedish comics. If you are able to read Swedish, go order these books, for yourself or as a Christmas gifts. If you are a publisher abroad, contact the creators and their publishers, now - before someone else does.


  1.  Can you recommend a way to get these comics in the US?

    1. That's a tricky question. Not really. You could use an internet book shop, like http://www.bokus.com and use Google Translate to navigate that (it's in Swedish), or order them directly from a comics speciality shop in Sweden, like www.sfbok.se/div/english.asp. I don't think they are for sale anywhere over the counter in the US.
      Good luck!